There is a new blog up for the zombie campaign.  It will contain posts from various players in the form of a diary.  Check it out HERE. The Blog will be updated within a few days of the latest game session.   As this game is played for Nate, it is subject to his schedule so there is no set time.  When possible background info posts will be posted too. 
We are On for April 25th PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott   
Friday, 24 April 2009 17:28

We are on For April 25th.  We will be playing BattleTech\MechWarrior.  I have a few administrative details to deal with and there are some technical issues with my lap-top, but I do think we can have them resolved by game time, which will be around 8 PM


Confirmed players:

  • Scott
  • Vic 
  • Nate
  • Brian
  • David D.

This session will be more Role playing than combat, and indeed if there is combat it is most likely to be out of cockpit fighting.  I am trying to expand into more than just the miniatures rules and expand the setting some.