There is a new blog up for the zombie campaign.  It will contain posts from various players in the form of a diary.  Check it out HERE. The Blog will be updated within a few days of the latest game session.   As this game is played for Nate, it is subject to his schedule so there is no set time.  When possible background info posts will be posted too. 
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June 13th PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 12 June 2009 13:57
Sorry Gang, my homework is piling up and I have to forgo gaming this wekend.  I hope to be on schedule for the next weekend.
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Thursday, 28 May 2009 00:43
AIMS announces two new varients to their "Snapping Turtle" Missile Carrier.    The original version Now know as the Mk1 is a quad LRM-20 Carrier.  The New Mk2 has more armor and Carries less ammo.  It is a quad MRM-40 carrier.  The other new version is lightly, for a turtle, armored, but carries 4 of the new ELRM-20 launchers with an impressive 9 reloads with each.   So far AIMS has declined to announced how many of each model they will field but stated that they will ecrewed by only 5 personnel each.  
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Thursday, 14 May 2009 12:23

In a press release today, Strategic Armament Resources, LLC announced a new weapon system to be available within the next six months.  The system is a new twist on the standard long range missile system.  The new missiles and launchers are heavier than standard missiles coming in at almost twice the weight, however the new missiles, are Extended Long Range Missiles (ELRM).  "The Weight is mostly in the redesigned launchers, though the missiles themselves are larger to allow for more propellant", explained Donald Dunn, chief engineer on the ELRM team.  “However we feel that customers are willing to trade weight for an almost 60% increase in range. Dunn added that the design can readily be retro fitted to most battlemechs without too much difficulty, though they expect that the ELRM will most likely be incorporated into new designs.

"We have worked long and hard to develop this system and we feel it is ready for its first public appearance" Said Michael Scott, project manager for the system.  "We had a tentative public debut with an unnamed stable at Solaris, but they backed out of the contract at the last moment.”  This has left Strategic Armament Resources in a precarious situation.  Without a high profile debut it is unlikely that the new system will see initial success.  Mr. Scott declined to discuss the cost of the new unit, its ammunition and maintenance related equipment, citing accounting requirements that are still adjusting for development costs.

Defense industry analyst Dr. Reginald Pennington, when asked about the ELRM stated that he doubts the ELRM will revolutionize warfare, but added that he does think that it will add more flexibility to slower units like assault mechs that sometimes have a hard time maintaining contact because of their slow speed.   The higher weight and space requirements will most likely keep the system from being deployed in smaller mechs or vehicles.   

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Monday, 18 May 2009 18:25

I have posted the latest game night information on the forums. I will post it here as well.

Game night: May 23, 2008Time: 2030 Hours (CST)
Location: The GM's Garage
Game: SOG-CT
Drinks: BYOB (beverages)
Snacks Provided: Pretzles

Mission Teaser: As rioting on an island nation breaks out and total anarchy looms, a secret communications listening post is thretened. Secure the location or destroy the classified equipment and evac the personnel.

This mission will require a ballenced team and should provied a lot os skills usage. There is a potential for heavy combat so there should be at least one primary medic and one back-up.

Interested team members should reply to this message to sign up.

The Clock Tower Compound PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 14:03

The Clock Tower compound is becoming quite a decent very small town.  There have been a lot of refugees and the word is getting out to other wilderness settlements that this is a place to go to escape the raiding of the Orcs to the east and the Lizard folk to the south.  The settlement's walls are very sturdy and offer a great barrier to stop any enemy while still allowing a lot of room to live inside.  The fact that there are several small settlements inside the walls help the new arrivals to set up hose and get to work reclaiming the farming lands and restoring the mills and smithies that once helped this community. 


A small town guard has been started with the understanding that all able-bodied men are expected to help out with defense if there is a need.  A Sergeant of the guard of sorts has been identified.  He is a veteran solider proficient in a verity of arms and is more than experienced in training others.  The fact that this gruff old solider is a Halfling is humorous, unless your on the receiving end of his wrath.  He is harsh when needed but for the most part he is friendly and tends to lead and train with humor rather than threats.  


Lornair has proven to be a

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