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I find myself in a curios situation.  I woke up nude in a field with several others including a Half-Orc and a large human.  When we started to introduce ourselves we found that we knew our names and our occupations but nothing else, nothing more about our backgrounds.  I was amazed that I could know how to prepare for services and that I am a follower of Cayden Cailean, the god of freedom, ale, wine and bravery.  The Half-Orc, a very large greenish sort of hulking mass, said his name is Antler and proclaimed hisself the greatest of all wizards.  The other brute squad canidate introduced himself as Jack.  From his mannerisms and speech patterns it is easy to see his a fighter of some skill.    I felt it was in my best interest to keep my true profession to myself so I hinted that I was in training to become a cleric of my deity.   We also noticed we were not speaking our own native tongue but something we knew was called “Common”.  I could hear them and understand them, and they could, me.  It was most peculiar.

While we were pondering what strange twist of fate had brought us here sans clothing, a wagon arrived.  There were two men on the bench, an elderly one wearing leather armor and sporting a long sword that carries the marks of heavy use over many years, thought well cleaned and cared for.   The other was even older, but had on grey robes and those silly conical hats favored by wizards back home in… Drat, I still can’t remember it.   The robed one was quite talkative. I tried to be frinedly.  He offered water and bread that he said would help settle our stomachs.  I took some after watching him eat some himself.   He also offered us some large brightly colored orange robes to cover with.  Some of the others with us were quite obsessed with the fact that they had no clothing while myself, Osokrag and Torval seemed not to care.

We loaded into the wagon, after determining that the two wouldn’t answer any questions about why we were here, how we got here or the like.  So we rode in the back of the wagon to the nearby town.  I kept noticing that the wagons driver, the robed on, had carelessly left his coin pouch tied to his belt.  I was tempted to cut it and hold it for him until I could return it with a short lecture on the need of safe keeping ones possessions, but alas I didn’t have a dagger with me.

The country side was pleasant enough and the families we saw working the farm looked quaint enough of you consider living in a two room shack you built as quaint.   The farms looked productive, but not prosperous.  I noted this as I try to notice everything.   We crossed into town and it seemed to be market day.  We pulled up to a multi story building that had secure windows on all three levels, good proper security, if you ask me.  We went inside and met a dour woman who seemed to be devoid of any happiness.  Since I have no memory I can safely say she is the most humorless biddy I have ever met.

She took our names and asked our occupation and asked if we wished to continue this occupation or train in another.  I of course told her I’d like to continue on my path to becoming a servant of Cayden.  Antler was inclined to continue his path of being the greatest of all wizards and Jack was more than happy to “fight anything that needs fought”.    She then opened a lock box, with a rather nice looking sturdy lock, and proceeded to give each of us a purse filled with 75 gold coins.  She did this for all of us that had been collected in that meadow.  She told us to go buy whatever we wanted with it and to come back later to check with her and see if she had any job openings.

The three of us decided to strike out to the market together, safety in numbers and all that.  It seems the local merchants see the orange robes and think of rubes.  But between the imposing figures of my two companions I think we made out quite alright.  I picked up some nice traveling vestments, a holy text, a wooden holy symbol, a stout quarterstaff and some other specialized tools.  We then set about finding some lunch but noticed there was a gathering at the town hall.  We decided to check it out.

A meeting had been called to address an ongoing and worsening problem the tiny village was facing.  It seems an ogre had taken up residence in a cave complex west of the town and was demanding tribute of the locals.  They were happy to comply, by “offering” up items past their prime but seemed nice and shiny to the ogre.  They gave the ogre sickly sheep, chipped plates, sour beer and the like.  This had gone on for a while but the last two months the ogre’s demands increased and he took two hostages last time.  So the mayor and town council called the meeting to offer up some coin to anyone brave enough to go take the ogre out.

Of course we “volunteered” once we found out that there was a reward of coin.  We set about the town to collect some information.   They were gone a while. Darkness fell and I met three other new arrivals.  A female halfling by the name of Alex, Jan, a Female Dwarf Cleric of the Sun Goddess, and an Human male Archer named Nicoly and an Elf Wizard going by the name Walnert.  Alex is a kindred spirit to me in some ways if you ask me.  Jack is slow but carries about the largest mace I have ever seen and he says he likes to smash things.  I believe him.  Walnert I don’t quite trust, there is just something about him.  I will have to keep my eyes on him.  It’s not that I think he will betray me, it’s just he is very observant and seems to be talking everything in and storing it for further benefit.

We met back up with the others and we struck out even though it was dark because we found out that the local brewery had “offered” several barrels of spiked ale to the brute.  The brew master, a nice little (is there any other kind?) halfling had slipped in some oil of sleep weed into the ale and the ogre would at least be very groggy and at best asleep.

While on our way, it was discussed who should be in charge.  Jack didn’t care, no one trusts Alex, I declined as I am a man of the cloth, Alex said she would follow Jessup or Walnert.  Jan said she would follow the orders of Walnet as he is a learned gentleman.    It was decided that Nikoly would be our “War Cheif”who makes combat decisions and advises the Chief, and Walnert would be the over- all chief of our party.  I didn’t oppose as it doesn’t seem to matter to me.

As we were settling all of this the ground started shaking in a manner I have never felt.  Most of us fell down and couldn’t get up until the shaking stopped.

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