House Rules

This is the page for House Rules.

  1. Clerics of Sarenrae get one extra cure spell of each level they can normally cast.
  2. Sisters of the Sun can cast cure minor at any time they say a prayer (2 full round actions).
  3. Intimadate can either use your CHR intager (ie. -4 or +4 gives a +4 to intimidate) or your WIS bonus (you KNOW how to intimadate)
  4. Trail Rations contain enough food for a normal person for a full day of activity


Unless otherwise noted:

  •  All rooms are 40 feet tall
  • All doors are made of teak and banded
  • All walls are carved stone
  • Monsters encountered all have a red tint to their skin or fur and barbed spikes on their backs, arms and or legs.  They all have an evil aura
  • There are no light sources



I will add more as we come across them.

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