We Begin #1

on January 22, 2013 in Walnert's Journal

As I wake up I am in the middle of a field with a small group of people.  We all notice that we are naked and can’t remember anything about ourselves, but what our skill are and our names. The group, from what I can gather, is as follows: Me, Walnert (arcane); Jan (Cleric of Sarenrea); Jack (possibly the biggest SOB, Fighter); Antler (Possibly the STUPIDIST Orc around suppost to be arcane); Nickoly (Fighter); Jessup (Cleric of the traveler, and maybe something else we shall see). After we introduced ourselves a wagon arrives and hands us some orange robes so that at least we are covered. We head into town and meet up with a person and she asks  if we want to adventure or if we have other skills. We chose at that time to be adventures and are given money to equip ourselves. After we get equipped we head to get food and rest from the inn. The next morning we head to the same person and setup a company so we can actually have a way to save some money for us. During the meeting we are informed that there is a meeting in the square.

We head out to the square and listen to the mayor as he explain in the briefest terms that the Ogre has demanded more and they need someone to help them out. We volunteer (as I truly want to bash Antler’s face into the ground) as Antler says his group will do it (when the company is in MY name as leader). During the talk with the mayor after the meeting we get a new member to our party Alex (Thief Halfling). The mayor tells us that the Ogre is getting more demanding with the stuff he wants and has stolen a Male Dwarf carpenter and a Female Human Serving wench. and we finally agree to a 70 – 30 split of all loot brought back after the 20% tax is taken out.

We head out the 7 of us and get almost there when an earth tremor breaks the earth up leaving a 5 foot deep 7 foot wide ditch for us to cross. We get to the cave and notice there are 7 Orcs at the cave entrance 3 up near the eyes, 2 on the trail where the nose would be and 2 near what looks like the mouth each group has a torch. we do a surprise attack and kill 6 of the 7 and 1 escapes. We get inside and commence fighting again with the Orc capt, Orc LT, and 2 remaining Orc soldiers, During that battle we lost our Cleric Jan. After that battle we gained another person to our merry band, Torc (Druid so he says), and we split up Jan’s gear and lay her to rest in the cave for now.

We find a cave behind a tapestry that leads down and we follow this trail for what seems like forever when we get to a room off the trail that has 2 doors. we open both doors and see blackness in front of us. Torc (being somewhat stupid now that I look back) ties a rope around his waist and heads through the blackness and leaves the other side with Jack. we head through both doors and see that the rope will not pull either way and Torc has to cut it down to a 3 foot section.  We find 3 Orcs in here all dieing and they really won’t answer any questions and only answer “You will see”. we search the four doors that are there and the two that are to the north one leads to a morgue, and the other leads to a room that has a pile of what looks like rotten food with a door going north. The two doors in the south one open into a morgue/store room, the other we encounter a weird octopus type of creature that creates magical darkness. We got through that battle we head North and just two rooms after the Octi encounter we got run over by a swarm of rats. We got through that one then split up and half of us went one way the others went another. The group the went with Jack met some mosquito type of creature 4 to be exact and got through that while the 3 of us that went the other way found 4 rooms and encountered 2 Big rats and 2 more Octi types I almost died and went with Jan to the other side but was saved by Jessup.

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  1. Jessup says:

    It is always a pleasure to assist a friend.

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