Day 24

on November 12, 2013 in Jessup's Journal

Jack is dead.  I hate this place, I need to feel the sun on my skin and look at the bright sky.  I hate the evil that is the very essence of this accursed jail.  I hate the creature that were imprisoned here, the designers that made the traps and the creature that now stalk its halls.


After a day of rest and healing we set out this morning to search for food more than a way out.  The first room we came upon was L shaped and had a deep pit at the door. The trap had been sprung by the nude dancing female elf on the other side of the north side.  She is a thing of beauty.  She mesmerized Jack, Antler, Nickoly and myself.  There was also a dead bugbear on the west side of the room and it had a great axe that was determined to be magical and was the long sword in the pit.  Jack tried to jump over to get to the Elf and help her. He fell in the pit.  Nickoly jumped to the other side and got the Axe. Jack picked up the sword and he rescued the damsel in distress.

Mia is her name and she had a hot tip about loot in a dungeon so she decided to explore.  I’mnot sure how she has lasted by herself this long but she asked to join out party.  I can’t see a down side in it unless she is going to try and kill us, but I think that she needs us, and seeing as we have lost three of our party I think it was good for her to join us.

The next room was down along narrow hallway.   Jack opened the door and there were four direwolves.  Jack started attacking but two attacked him, he got bit over and over and killed one, then Nickoly and his arrows took out another.  Mia started dancing and chanting and we all felt more encouraged.  Antler cast Mage Armor on Jack who got bit again.  I guess Jack was really hurt, I didn’t see the fight but Nickoly ordered a fall back but there was no room to do it orderly and we got bunched up, jack got bit again and again and again. Another wolf fell and then Mia stepped up and attacked with one of those wicked elven curved blades.  She and Nickoly dispatched the wolf.  I got to Jack but it was too late.

We took him back to the statue room and laid him to rest next to Alex.  We resealed the room.

I did take the dagger and ring that Alex had carried and Jack took from me after her passing.   Nickoly pointed out that the last two owners of that dagger had fallen.  Mia said it must be cursed.  I disagree.  I think we are all cursed and sentenced to hell because we are all trapped in here.

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