Day 22 (Part 2)

on November 12, 2013 in Jessup's Journal

Day 22 (Part Two)

It has been, and will continue to be a very long and dreadful night.   After Lunch, Walnert came down with a stomach issue that I could not treat with Magic or my healer’s kit.  He was explosively voiding from both ends.  It was decided he would go back to the camp while the rest of us continued to look for food and a way out.  We didn’t get very far when we entered yet another room.  This one had three sleeping dogs in it, very large dogs that were of a form I had not seen before.  Nickoly ordered Jack to attack and attack he did.  With the force of the party the dogs had no hope and were soon dispatched.  Upon examining them a sense of dread overcame me.  I think they are…were blink dogs.  We had just slaughtered three celestial beings.   This couldn’t bode well.


The very next room was a large room that had one wall torn apart, there was some sort of clockworks exposed and destroyed.  Upon the north wall was a statue of an angel, a beautiful golden haired warrior of might.  In her right hand was a Long Spear , a real one not a carving.  There was a plate on the bottom of the statue that, as it turned out was an oath of the angel.  She had pledged to never give up, to protect the world from the horrors and evils that were incarcerated in this prison.    I was excited because we finally had a clue to the nature of the dungeon.

Nickoly ordered MacTire to grab it he got shocked, as then did Antler.  Then I was ordered too.  Antler and I could both tell that the spear had some magical properties and I guess that is why Nickoly wanted the party to have it.  He ordered me to try and as I did a blinding while light issued forth from the statue and bathed over me, It was warm and comforting to me.  It faded to nothing after a while and I felt different, I felt the shame and foolishness of my previous activities and the deceptions I had carried.  I felt like I needed to feel the sun on my skin, to do what was right, not just what was right for me.

A lantern Archon was left floating next to me and the statue.  It informed us that this was indeed a prison that had been hit by an earthquake that damaged it and the magical wards that secured it have been fading.  It was of limited information but did indeed tell us more than we knew.  This region had been overrun by goblionoids and four factions were about.  There are Bugbears, which we have already encountered, Goblin’s which have allied with the Hobgoblins and the last was a group of rebel goblins that had some dispute or another with the rest of their kind.  Antler and Nickoly kept asking it for a way out or if there was treasure.  It didn’t seem to understand the concept and after a while it faded away.

We set out again to find yet another room.  Alex determined there was a trap on the scroll case sitting on a simple pedestal across the room.   There were four piles of ash at the base of it, the walls were scorched and it seemed so dreadfully hot in there.   Alex looked at the pedestal and concluded that there was probably a trap of some sort.  I agreed because there has been a trap in every room in this hell hole.  Nickoly ordered MacTire to get the case and so he did.  As soon as he picked it up a fireball issued down from the ceiling of the room.  He took some pretty hefty wounds from it but was still functioning.   If he had not dodged I think he would have burned into ash right then and there.

Jack.   Poor simple Jack was getting frustrated as he is want to do when there is nothing for him to do and he told MacTire to just pick the damn thing up and go.  MacTire did just as ordered.  As soon as the case lifted up off the pedestal yet another fireball exploded down and this time MacTire was just not quick enough to get out of the way.  Now there were five piles of ash at the basr of it.  The scroll case fell to the floor and Antler examined it.  It contained a scroll of fireball.    Jack felt bad and swept up the pile of ash that used to be Mactire and put them in to a small sack.

We went to the next room and there was another pedestal in a room almost exactly like the previous one except that the room wasn’t hot, it was covered in rot and mold.  Alex refused to approach the scroll on the pedestal for fear of a deadly trap.  Nickoly, the party leader while Walnert is ill, ordered me to go investigate it.  I saw that there was a pressure plate and we used one of Alex’s old lock picks to jam it and render the trap safe.  In this scroll case was a scroll of stinking cloud, according to Antler.  I’m not sure what that is, but Antler assured us it is nothing we would like to experience.  I’m pretty sure I believe that.

We entered a narrow room and it had a map of this entire region.  What a find.  The next room we came upon was very large about 50 feet by 50 feet.  There was a narrow ledge running around it the center dropped down about four feet and was covered in water.  The ceiling was covered in stalactites and water dripped from many of them.   On the far wall was a largish gem, a yellow diamond.  Alex muttered something like “ohhhh, shiny” and scurried around the edge of the room.  While she was looking at it, and it was indeed imbued with magic, I examined the water.  It was the cleanest water I have seen since we have been down here, and it was so very cold.  I suggested that we fill all our water skins with it and I enjoyed a nice cold drink for a change. It was refreshing.

Meanwhile Alex was debating taking the diamond.  She checked it for traps and couldn’t see any. Jack, again frustrated by inactivity started across the room, straight through the icy cold water.  Alex grabbed the diamond and a lightning bold exploded out and through her and into the water. Both were shocked, and fell.  After the lighting dissipated Nickoly and Antler grabbed jack and pulled him up out of the water, I sloshed across to get to Alex.

I was too late.  The bolt was too powerful and had killed her instantly.  I carried her body back to the other side and Antler told me jack was still alive.  I rushed over and did what I could to stabilize him.  He was alive and would need rest. I exhausted my spells healing him.  Nickoly decided we needed to hole up a night or two and rest.  As we were leaving we were set upon by three Bugbears and a nasty fight ensued.   We managed to get back to a room we found all of us hurt and battered and bruised.

Two days later we carried Alex back to the room with the statue and Jack placed his friend, in the backpack/saddle thing he made for her and he placed it next to the statue.  I preserved her the best I could, just as I had for Jan.  Jack also placed MackTire’s ashes on the other side.

We then sealed the room and headed back to our camp to check on Walnert.  On the way we came across three more Bugbears and I had a vision of a paladin fighting them.  We fought them and Jacks rage showed. He was mad, hurt and I’m pretty sure heartbroken.

We got back to the camp room and I checked on Walnert.  He is still ill and I am worried.  I made some broth from the water and some of the last of our food.  We need to get something to eat soon.

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