Section 1 complete

on October 19, 2013 in Walnert's Journal

After all this time down here there are in essence 2 groups running down here as 1 group.  There is Jack, Alex, Myself (with Smeagal), with the occasional appearance of Jessup. The other group is with Antler, Nickoly, Jessup, and now this person calling him self Mactire along with 2 lizard folk that we found in this section.these two groups are separate in how they act with everything. In group one we go in and meet whatever is there if we get hurt we continue on. The other group sneaks in and helps when it suits them, and they think that they are helping us at time they are, but at other times they seem to be in the way.

The whole time we have been walking through this section we have been pretty much under attack and fighting for our lives and when it came down to getting through this maze that we are in, we have drawn together even though the original reason we came down here is irrelevant as we have found that reason and have now to survive and get that information to the town if they have not already written us off as dead.  We went through a hard time in the first section with the different creatures we have fought, and now we have to deal with this section and what seems to be all types of traps.

I have my own ideals that I want to do in this and hope that what I want I can get.  The way that those creatures were in the other area I think that we are in trouble here in this next area I hope that we can make it out of here. I may have to let Antler have some other spells even though we don’t get along and I don’t trust him as he is trying to still be the leader of this group after they have voted me as their leader. After we have found a way out of this first area Antler and Nickoly find a trap the hard wany and without Jessup’s intervention we would have probably lost both of them. This whole maze/dungeon we are in seams to be very very very large and impassable I hope that we can make it out of here alive if not the village is still safe.  We have been down here for so long now I don’t even know if it is day or night, or what day it is.

Of everyone in first group I would trust with my life and have off and on. From second group is the group I don’t really care if they survive or not. They have, in my mind become expendable, and they have not done much to change my mind on that.

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  1. Scott says:

    Good post. Nice to see Walnert developing. Exp added. ‘Nert is at level four now.

  2. Scott says:

    Following Walnert’s reasoning I would venture three groups. 1) Alex, Jack, and Walnert. B) Antler, Jessup, MacTire, and Nickoky 3) Torc and the Lizardfolk.

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