Day 21 (estimated)

on October 19, 2013 in Jessup's Journal

I truly am not sure what day it is.  I think we have had 21 rest cycles now.  I can’t say days as I have no idea what time it may be as we are so far underground that the sun could be blazing in all its life giving glory or the moon casting evil shadows to give cover to nefarious nare -do-wells.  I pulled out my journal to write this entry only to discover that there are many pages missing.  As I look about the group I can only deduce that either the rouge has been going through my pack again, or The Lizard Folk had taken the pages in a misguided attempt to locate an exit to this accursed place or my final theory, and the one I deem most likely, is that the pages have sub come yet another unknown evil that prevails here in this endless warren.

We finally entered a new area.  We are at last free of the fiendish monstrosities that had plagued and tormented us for so long.  The final battle with the wear-rat and his demonic imp was rough but it allowed us to close the rift he had created which was allowing those foul beasts to slip into our dimension.  After we closed the rift and took care of this Longtail fellow, we regrouped, licked our wounds and limped back to the safe room we adopted as our camp.  We rested up and then set about clearing the last few rooms, which it turns out, were littered with Troglodytes and in the last room a giant fiendish praying mantis.  That massive creature was difficult to say the least.  Jack of all people was intimidated by it and ran out of the room, but I said a blessing over him and he went back with a vengeance.  In a word, he was PISSED.  Between him swinging that massive mace, Nickoly’s arrows and the efforts of the others they took the creature down.


We searched the troggies’s possessions and found nothing of value with the exception of a magical key.  It was in the shape of a key, but consisted of a blue glowing mist.  It was the key that opened  a door to the west.  We decided to rest up a few days to collect our wits and to think about what we were going to try next.   Jack, the big fellow, made some sort of coverings from the giant Mantis legs.  They were covered in a very sharp spine and he cured them and made them into coverings for the legs and arms that go over armor.  If anyone wearing them is tackled I should think the opponent would be in for a nasty little surprise.   We enjoyed ourselves  as much as we could.  I got to know Kalsiss a little better. The two lizard folk are brothers and mostly keep to themselves but have a fondness for the dice games.  I felt I had to oblige.  I did notice that Torc is talking less. I assume he is becoming sullen because he is so far away from his beloved nature and the calls of the wilds are strong to him.  I couldn’t imagine being so accustomed to openness and yet being trapped down here in this confined hell.

All the down time has given me a chance to reflect some.  I still don’t know where I am from or anything about my past, but I am confident in my skills, even the new ones I have acquired since Jan (pronounced Yawn) has passed.  I know nothing of my birth, childhood or even family.  I can only assume that I was the rascally young son of an important noble.  If my dear father and mother only knew what has befallen me.   But I digress, I have been wondering what this place was used for.  We have seen abundant evidence of great evil and indeed, even torture devices, chains and shackles.    I can only assume this dungeon was created as some sort of twisted and sick monument to horror.


Anyway, we packed up our gear and it was decided that Torc and the two Lizards would stay behind and guard the camp we have made.  We have collected too many weapons (mostly inferior quality but weapons none the less) to carry with us.  And all that smoked and dried squid to boot.   We headed with the new man MacTire to search out the door to our blue misty-ish vapor key thingy.  After a series of trial and errors we found it went to the northern most door on the west side.   It was a strange site indeed.  As Walnert went to insert it into the lock the key sort of dissipated into a cloud of blue mist that traveld the few inches to the lock and sort of poured itself into the lock.  The barrier simply faded away and we could open the door, which we did post haste.

Steppign through it we were in a long hallway that went on straight for several yards and ended in another door.  This one was interesting.  It looked as though it was made of oak, but upon very close inspection Alex noted that it was indeed Iron door, disguised to look of oak.  It took Alex, Walnert and myself to finally figure out that the locking mechanism was trapped but had a bypass under the chin of a Griffith, the mouth of which was the key slot.

This opened up into another hall with two other halls leading north about 60 feet apart.  Alex, her pet (Jack) Walnert and I went to the first hall while Antler and Nickoly went to the other.  Well attempted to go to the other.  They did, very usefully, discover a spiked pit trap and even were so kind to trigger it for use so that I wouldn’t fall in.  Alex climbed down and tied a rope to them and Jack hauled them up.  In gratitude for sparing me the trap I used my healing skills on both of them as they were hurt quite seriously.   So bad in fact that Walnert had to give Antler some of our precious few healing draughts.   We poked around for several more hours and came across many traps, almost every room seems to have at least one.  I disarmed a few but let Alex do her thing as she is want to do and claim all the glory.  I do believe we were making decent progress when we stumbled across a room containing several howlers.  A most disagreeable creature that lot is.  They are a cross between a very, very large dog and a porcupine with a terrifying howl.  We were able to dispatch them handily.  By we I mean the rest of the group.  I stayed back and kept some healing magic handy if things went south so to say.

After that almost as soon as the fight was over the very next room contained a trio of angry bugbears.   Over seven feet tall and well-armed these harry beasts started throwing javelins at us and so of course we had to deal with them.  Jack charged in and smacked one hard them missed.  Alex threw her daggers and Walnert’s pet cat tried to go all crazy kitty on them.  Nickoly kept filling them with arrows and walnert did the oddest thing.  He levitated the last one up almost to the ceiling.   The creature was surprised and Jack couldn’t reach it.  It did however throw its javelin down at jack but missed.  Nickoly used this moment to put two more arrows into the thing.  As soon as that happened Walnet concluded his spell and the beast fell the 30 feet to the floor hurting itself even further.   In the end we dispatched the three of them while taking so mild wounds.

Alex found a strong box that was trapped and opened it up, triggering the trap. She inhaled some sort of vapor that left her weak and coughing.  I treated her the best that I could with my kit (which is about half empty now).  She did get some nice bobbles from it though.   Walnert was looting the bugbears and came up with a key ring.  It had three keys.  One for each of the two doors to this room and one to the lock box.  Oops.

As everyone had exerted themselves and all but a few of us had been injured we decided to rest in this room for a rest period.

I fear that we may not make it out of here.  We are all out of trail rations and are subsisting on the meat of some of the things we kill and relying solely on the water I create.  This section seems much more deadly than the last with all the traps and the creatures we have seen are vastly more deadly than when we have faced as of yet.  I am concerned that this trend will only continue.

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