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Well, I was dancing in the room trying to keep my spirits up and a group of men found me. I was quite embarrassed to be found in nothing but skin but at least I was found.


I am unsure about the group that found me though I did decide to join them. The group seems to be followed by death. From what I was told, they have lost four which is a bit worrying and makes me wonder how we are going to get out of here.


I hope that I stand a better chance with these men than I did by myself in here.


These men are a bit funny. My pretty face removed all doubt about me joining them which I find rather silly but at least it worked to my advantage. I did not have to do any convincing in order to join them. I have been told there is another back at camp sick and I pray that he is smarter than the party I have met so far if not, we are doomed.


Shortly after joining the group, I witnessed a rather large human named Jack get killed. The party was unorganized and I believe that their past few days are effecting their decisions. The fear of traps led them to destroy  a door that could have been closed to prevent Jack’s death. We stood a better chance with the dumb brute than without him.


The group views me as a pretty face and I intend to keep it that way for awhile. The group needs a morale boost desperately since they lost so much. It sounds as if they have endured much hardship down here. If they continue to let grief cloud their judgement, none of us will survive.

Day 24

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Jack is dead.  I hate this place, I need to feel the sun on my skin and look at the bright sky.  I hate the evil that is the very essence of this accursed jail.  I hate the creature that were imprisoned here, the designers that made the traps and the creature that now stalk its halls.



Day 22 (Part Two)

It has been, and will continue to be a very long and dreadful night.   After Lunch, Walnert came down with a stomach issue that I could not treat with Magic or my healer’s kit.  He was explosively voiding from both ends.  It was decided he would go back to the camp while the rest of us continued to look for food and a way out.  We didn’t get very far when we entered yet another room.  This one had three sleeping dogs in it, very large dogs that were of a form I had not seen before.  Nickoly ordered Jack to attack and attack he did.  With the force of the party the dogs had no hope and were soon dispatched.  Upon examining them a sense of dread overcame me.  I think they are…were blink dogs.  We had just slaughtered three celestial beings.   This couldn’t bode well.





That did not go well at all. Now, I am trapped in a room with nothing to do except sing. I am smelly, my hair is greasy and I am pretty sure I stink. My hope and fear is that someone finds me since I cannot make it out of here alone. I have heard sounds of fighting but I am afraid to stick my head out there. I have seen nothing but horrible things down here. At least when I get out, I have plenty of new songs to sing and I even have a new dance. That was not the intention.