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This dungeon is going to be the death of me! The only good thing to come of this place so far is Jack. I keep getting put in harm’s way in this place since I can open any lock that is put in front of me. I think being in this dungeon is getting to me since I am having trouble with traps in here. This whole place is a trap, a trap I am never getting out of. I miss the sun on my face and I want out of here. The air is stale and the scenery never changes. It is stone, stone, and more stone. I hate this place. I open a door or a chest and end up in another bad situation.

I am tired of being trapped down here with these people. Antler is an idiot that does nothing but talk. Hopefully, he gives me a reason to shut his mouth for good. Nickoly hardly says anything and I want to find out more about him. He is intriguing to say the least. I know nothing about him. Jessup is shadier than I am and I need to get to the bottom of things with him. He seems good enough since he keeps the entire party alive but something is off. The party did not trust me because I am a thief but at least the dangers are known with me. Jessup is an unknown and that is worse. Walnert is our resident wizard and our leader. He seems good enough. He is always in the front with Jack and I ready to fight for our safety. I can respect him never running from a fight. We found another idiot in the dungeon that has been added to our group. He wears a skirt and I am pretty sure that he has something wrong with him. He talks weird and wears a skirt. A skirt! I don’t even wear a skirt! He seems like a decent enough fighter and maybe that will take some of the heat off of Jack. I guess he can be useful.

Jack is going to get me killed if the dungeon doesn’t. I keep making some bad decisions because I get emotional about him being hurt or even attacked. I have stopped watching out for me and now I protect him. I have only cared about myself until Jack came along and now I do not want to be without my friend. Like I said, he will get me killed. He is a great protector for me and will not let anything happen to me but the feeling is mutual. Both of us are willing to die for the other. Like I said, he is the only good thing that happened in this dungeon. Jack is more valuable than all of the gold in the world.