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When I awoke I was surrounded by many, naked, lesser beings I thought that I must have had two much ale until two men came with a wagon to explain that this happens all the time around here. (As many lesser being drink too much HAHAHAHA!) These people were kind to share their meager vestments until they paid me tribute to protect them. I met others that decided to follow my greatness so we purchased gear and drank to celebrate our meeting; I have to admit that the puny bar keep was a tad self-centered.

The next morning the town held an event to ask for my followers and I for help to protect them so to comfort their petty fears I announced “Fear not for I am antler the greatest of all wizards, and my party shall defeat this ogre and rescue the taken town folk!” My followers were cowards until I spoke up but then viewing my bravery decided to follow me to the beasts lair.