Well, I was dancing in the room trying to keep my spirits up and a group of men found me. I was quite embarrassed to be found in nothing but skin but at least I was found.


I am unsure about the group that found me though I did decide to join them. The group seems to be followed by death. From what I was told, they have lost four which is a bit worrying and makes me wonder how we are going to get out of here.


I hope that I stand a better chance with these men than I did by myself in here.


These men are a bit funny. My pretty face removed all doubt about me joining them which I find rather silly but at least it worked to my advantage. I did not have to do any convincing in order to join them. I have been told there is another back at camp sick and I pray that he is smarter than the party I have met so far if not, we are doomed.


Shortly after joining the group, I witnessed a rather large human named Jack get killed. The party was unorganized and I believe that their past few days are effecting their decisions. The fear of traps led them to destroy  a door that could have been closed to prevent Jack’s death. We stood a better chance with the dumb brute than without him.


The group views me as a pretty face and I intend to keep it that way for awhile. The group needs a morale boost desperately since they lost so much. It sounds as if they have endured much hardship down here. If they continue to let grief cloud their judgement, none of us will survive.

Day 24

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Jack is dead.  I hate this place, I need to feel the sun on my skin and look at the bright sky.  I hate the evil that is the very essence of this accursed jail.  I hate the creature that were imprisoned here, the designers that made the traps and the creature that now stalk its halls.


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Day 22 (Part Two)

It has been, and will continue to be a very long and dreadful night.   After Lunch, Walnert came down with a stomach issue that I could not treat with Magic or my healer’s kit.  He was explosively voiding from both ends.  It was decided he would go back to the camp while the rest of us continued to look for food and a way out.  We didn’t get very far when we entered yet another room.  This one had three sleeping dogs in it, very large dogs that were of a form I had not seen before.  Nickoly ordered Jack to attack and attack he did.  With the force of the party the dogs had no hope and were soon dispatched.  Upon examining them a sense of dread overcame me.  I think they are…were blink dogs.  We had just slaughtered three celestial beings.   This couldn’t bode well.


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That did not go well at all. Now, I am trapped in a room with nothing to do except sing. I am smelly, my hair is greasy and I am pretty sure I stink. My hope and fear is that someone finds me since I cannot make it out of here alone. I have heard sounds of fighting but I am afraid to stick my head out there. I have seen nothing but horrible things down here. At least when I get out, I have plenty of new songs to sing and I even have a new dance. That was not the intention.

What a day this was.  We rested from our prior adventures and struck out at the dawn of a new day rest period.  We all felt refreshed and invigorated.   We set out to go explore more of this new area and promptly came across, guess what?  A trap! It was a room that had a white marble stripe that ran from here to there to a pedestal with dark granite to either side.  It was obviously a trap.  But seeing as little Alexis was so intimidated by her failure to find the trap last time she held back.  I stepped up and defeated the lock before I thought to check it for traps.  There was one, but I did disable it before it had a chance to spring on us.  On the far side of this room there was a golden idol with two emerald eyes and a large pearl in the navel.  We debated how best to preceded.  I figure that since there was a pressure plate on the door and another along the floor that there was one on or rather under the idol.  Various ides were put forth including tying a rope around Alex and tossing her in the room, via Jack the almost giant. Read the rest of this entry »

After all this time down here there are in essence 2 groups running down here as 1 group.  There is Jack, Alex, Myself (with Smeagal), with the occasional appearance of Jessup. The other group is with Antler, Nickoly, Jessup, and now this person calling him self Mactire along with 2 lizard folk that we found in this section.these two groups are separate in how they act with everything. In group one we go in and meet whatever is there if we get hurt we continue on. The other group sneaks in and helps when it suits them, and they think that they are helping us at time they are, but at other times they seem to be in the way.

The whole time we have been walking through this section we have been pretty much under attack and fighting for our lives and when it came down to getting through this maze that we are in, we have drawn together even though the original reason we came down here is irrelevant as we have found that reason and have now to survive and get that information to the town if they have not already written us off as dead.  We went through a hard time in the first section with the different creatures we have fought, and now we have to deal with this section and what seems to be all types of traps.

I have my own ideals that I want to do in this and hope that what I want I can get.  The way that those creatures were in the other area I think that we are in trouble here in this next area I hope that we can make it out of here. I may have to let Antler have some other spells even though we don’t get along and I don’t trust him as he is trying to still be the leader of this group after they have voted me as their leader. After we have found a way out of this first area Antler and Nickoly find a trap the hard wany and without Jessup’s intervention we would have probably lost both of them. This whole maze/dungeon we are in seams to be very very very large and impassable I hope that we can make it out of here alive if not the village is still safe.  We have been down here for so long now I don’t even know if it is day or night, or what day it is.

Of everyone in first group I would trust with my life and have off and on. From second group is the group I don’t really care if they survive or not. They have, in my mind become expendable, and they have not done much to change my mind on that.

I truly am not sure what day it is.  I think we have had 21 rest cycles now.  I can’t say days as I have no idea what time it may be as we are so far underground that the sun could be blazing in all its life giving glory or the moon casting evil shadows to give cover to nefarious nare -do-wells.  I pulled out my journal to write this entry only to discover that there are many pages missing.  As I look about the group I can only deduce that either the rouge has been going through my pack again, or The Lizard Folk had taken the pages in a misguided attempt to locate an exit to this accursed place or my final theory, and the one I deem most likely, is that the pages have sub come yet another unknown evil that prevails here in this endless warren.

We finally entered a new area.  We are at last free of the fiendish monstrosities that had plagued and tormented us for so long.  The final battle with the wear-rat and his demonic imp was rough but it allowed us to close the rift he had created which was allowing those foul beasts to slip into our dimension.  After we closed the rift and took care of this Longtail fellow, we regrouped, licked our wounds and limped back to the safe room we adopted as our camp.  We rested up and then set about clearing the last few rooms, which it turns out, were littered with Troglodytes and in the last room a giant fiendish praying mantis.  That massive creature was difficult to say the least.  Jack of all people was intimidated by it and ran out of the room, but I said a blessing over him and he went back with a vengeance.  In a word, he was PISSED.  Between him swinging that massive mace, Nickoly’s arrows and the efforts of the others they took the creature down.


We searched the troggies’s possessions and found nothing of value with the exception of a magical key.  It was in the shape of a key, but consisted of a blue glowing mist.  It was the key that opened  a door to the west.  We decided to rest up a few days to collect our wits and to think about what we were going to try next.   Jack, the big fellow, made some sort of coverings from the giant Mantis legs.  They were covered in a very sharp spine and he cured them and made them into coverings for the legs and arms that go over armor.  If anyone wearing them is tackled I should think the opponent would be in for a nasty little surprise.   We enjoyed ourselves  as much as we could.  I got to know Kalsiss a little better. The two lizard folk are brothers and mostly keep to themselves but have a fondness for the dice games.  I felt I had to oblige.  I did notice that Torc is talking less. I assume he is becoming sullen because he is so far away from his beloved nature and the calls of the wilds are strong to him.  I couldn’t imagine being so accustomed to openness and yet being trapped down here in this confined hell.

All the down time has given me a chance to reflect some.  I still don’t know where I am from or anything about my past, but I am confident in my skills, even the new ones I have acquired since Jan (pronounced Yawn) has passed.  I know nothing of my birth, childhood or even family.  I can only assume that I was the rascally young son of an important noble.  If my dear father and mother only knew what has befallen me.   But I digress, I have been wondering what this place was used for.  We have seen abundant evidence of great evil and indeed, even torture devices, chains and shackles.    I can only assume this dungeon was created as some sort of twisted and sick monument to horror.


Anyway, we packed up our gear and it was decided that Torc and the two Lizards would stay behind and guard the camp we have made.  We have collected too many weapons (mostly inferior quality but weapons none the less) to carry with us.  And all that smoked and dried squid to boot.   We headed with the new man MacTire to search out the door to our blue misty-ish vapor key thingy.  After a series of trial and errors we found it went to the northern most door on the west side.   It was a strange site indeed.  As Walnert went to insert it into the lock the key sort of dissipated into a cloud of blue mist that traveld the few inches to the lock and sort of poured itself into the lock.  The barrier simply faded away and we could open the door, which we did post haste.

Steppign through it we were in a long hallway that went on straight for several yards and ended in another door.  This one was interesting.  It looked as though it was made of oak, but upon very close inspection Alex noted that it was indeed Iron door, disguised to look of oak.  It took Alex, Walnert and myself to finally figure out that the locking mechanism was trapped but had a bypass under the chin of a Griffith, the mouth of which was the key slot.

This opened up into another hall with two other halls leading north about 60 feet apart.  Alex, her pet (Jack) Walnert and I went to the first hall while Antler and Nickoly went to the other.  Well attempted to go to the other.  They did, very usefully, discover a spiked pit trap and even were so kind to trigger it for use so that I wouldn’t fall in.  Alex climbed down and tied a rope to them and Jack hauled them up.  In gratitude for sparing me the trap I used my healing skills on both of them as they were hurt quite seriously.   So bad in fact that Walnert had to give Antler some of our precious few healing draughts.   We poked around for several more hours and came across many traps, almost every room seems to have at least one.  I disarmed a few but let Alex do her thing as she is want to do and claim all the glory.  I do believe we were making decent progress when we stumbled across a room containing several howlers.  A most disagreeable creature that lot is.  They are a cross between a very, very large dog and a porcupine with a terrifying howl.  We were able to dispatch them handily.  By we I mean the rest of the group.  I stayed back and kept some healing magic handy if things went south so to say.

After that almost as soon as the fight was over the very next room contained a trio of angry bugbears.   Over seven feet tall and well-armed these harry beasts started throwing javelins at us and so of course we had to deal with them.  Jack charged in and smacked one hard them missed.  Alex threw her daggers and Walnert’s pet cat tried to go all crazy kitty on them.  Nickoly kept filling them with arrows and walnert did the oddest thing.  He levitated the last one up almost to the ceiling.   The creature was surprised and Jack couldn’t reach it.  It did however throw its javelin down at jack but missed.  Nickoly used this moment to put two more arrows into the thing.  As soon as that happened Walnet concluded his spell and the beast fell the 30 feet to the floor hurting itself even further.   In the end we dispatched the three of them while taking so mild wounds.

Alex found a strong box that was trapped and opened it up, triggering the trap. She inhaled some sort of vapor that left her weak and coughing.  I treated her the best that I could with my kit (which is about half empty now).  She did get some nice bobbles from it though.   Walnert was looting the bugbears and came up with a key ring.  It had three keys.  One for each of the two doors to this room and one to the lock box.  Oops.

As everyone had exerted themselves and all but a few of us had been injured we decided to rest in this room for a rest period.

I fear that we may not make it out of here.  We are all out of trail rations and are subsisting on the meat of some of the things we kill and relying solely on the water I create.  This section seems much more deadly than the last with all the traps and the creatures we have seen are vastly more deadly than when we have faced as of yet.  I am concerned that this trend will only continue.

This dungeon is going to be the death of me! The only good thing to come of this place so far is Jack. I keep getting put in harm’s way in this place since I can open any lock that is put in front of me. I think being in this dungeon is getting to me since I am having trouble with traps in here. This whole place is a trap, a trap I am never getting out of. I miss the sun on my face and I want out of here. The air is stale and the scenery never changes. It is stone, stone, and more stone. I hate this place. I open a door or a chest and end up in another bad situation.

I am tired of being trapped down here with these people. Antler is an idiot that does nothing but talk. Hopefully, he gives me a reason to shut his mouth for good. Nickoly hardly says anything and I want to find out more about him. He is intriguing to say the least. I know nothing about him. Jessup is shadier than I am and I need to get to the bottom of things with him. He seems good enough since he keeps the entire party alive but something is off. The party did not trust me because I am a thief but at least the dangers are known with me. Jessup is an unknown and that is worse. Walnert is our resident wizard and our leader. He seems good enough. He is always in the front with Jack and I ready to fight for our safety. I can respect him never running from a fight. We found another idiot in the dungeon that has been added to our group. He wears a skirt and I am pretty sure that he has something wrong with him. He talks weird and wears a skirt. A skirt! I don’t even wear a skirt! He seems like a decent enough fighter and maybe that will take some of the heat off of Jack. I guess he can be useful.

Jack is going to get me killed if the dungeon doesn’t. I keep making some bad decisions because I get emotional about him being hurt or even attacked. I have stopped watching out for me and now I protect him. I have only cared about myself until Jack came along and now I do not want to be without my friend. Like I said, he will get me killed. He is a great protector for me and will not let anything happen to me but the feeling is mutual. Both of us are willing to die for the other. Like I said, he is the only good thing that happened in this dungeon. Jack is more valuable than all of the gold in the world.

As I wake up I am in the middle of a field with a small group of people.  We all notice that we are naked and can’t remember anything about ourselves, but what our skill are and our names. The group, from what I can gather, is as follows: Me, Walnert (arcane); Jan (Cleric of Sarenrea); Jack (possibly the biggest SOB, Fighter); Antler (Possibly the STUPIDIST Orc around suppost to be arcane); Nickoly (Fighter); Jessup (Cleric of the traveler, and maybe something else we shall see). After we introduced ourselves a wagon arrives and hands us some orange robes so that at least we are covered. We head into town and meet up with a person and she asks  if we want to adventure or if we have other skills. We chose at that time to be adventures and are given money to equip ourselves. After we get equipped we head to get food and rest from the inn. The next morning we head to the same person and setup a company so we can actually have a way to save some money for us. During the meeting we are informed that there is a meeting in the square.

We head out to the square and listen to the mayor as he explain in the briefest terms that the Ogre has demanded more and they need someone to help them out. We volunteer (as I truly want to bash Antler’s face into the ground) as Antler says his group will do it (when the company is in MY name as leader). During the talk with the mayor after the meeting we get a new member to our party Alex (Thief Halfling). The mayor tells us that the Ogre is getting more demanding with the stuff he wants and has stolen a Male Dwarf carpenter and a Female Human Serving wench. and we finally agree to a 70 – 30 split of all loot brought back after the 20% tax is taken out.

We head out the 7 of us and get almost there when an earth tremor breaks the earth up leaving a 5 foot deep 7 foot wide ditch for us to cross. We get to the cave and notice there are 7 Orcs at the cave entrance 3 up near the eyes, 2 on the trail where the nose would be and 2 near what looks like the mouth each group has a torch. we do a surprise attack and kill 6 of the 7 and 1 escapes. We get inside and commence fighting again with the Orc capt, Orc LT, and 2 remaining Orc soldiers, During that battle we lost our Cleric Jan. After that battle we gained another person to our merry band, Torc (Druid so he says), and we split up Jan’s gear and lay her to rest in the cave for now.

We find a cave behind a tapestry that leads down and we follow this trail for what seems like forever when we get to a room off the trail that has 2 doors. we open both doors and see blackness in front of us. Torc (being somewhat stupid now that I look back) ties a rope around his waist and heads through the blackness and leaves the other side with Jack. we head through both doors and see that the rope will not pull either way and Torc has to cut it down to a 3 foot section.  We find 3 Orcs in here all dieing and they really won’t answer any questions and only answer “You will see”. we search the four doors that are there and the two that are to the north one leads to a morgue, and the other leads to a room that has a pile of what looks like rotten food with a door going north. The two doors in the south one open into a morgue/store room, the other we encounter a weird octopus type of creature that creates magical darkness. We got through that battle we head North and just two rooms after the Octi encounter we got run over by a swarm of rats. We got through that one then split up and half of us went one way the others went another. The group the went with Jack met some mosquito type of creature 4 to be exact and got through that while the 3 of us that went the other way found 4 rooms and encountered 2 Big rats and 2 more Octi types I almost died and went with Jan to the other side but was saved by Jessup.

When I awoke I was surrounded by many, naked, lesser beings I thought that I must have had two much ale until two men came with a wagon to explain that this happens all the time around here. (As many lesser being drink too much HAHAHAHA!) These people were kind to share their meager vestments until they paid me tribute to protect them. I met others that decided to follow my greatness so we purchased gear and drank to celebrate our meeting; I have to admit that the puny bar keep was a tad self-centered.

The next morning the town held an event to ask for my followers and I for help to protect them so to comfort their petty fears I announced “Fear not for I am antler the greatest of all wizards, and my party shall defeat this ogre and rescue the taken town folk!” My followers were cowards until I spoke up but then viewing my bravery decided to follow me to the beasts lair.