Friday, January 19, 2018 15:27

Chaos Day – Part 4

by Joe Miller

We pull into this Shell station in Humble, Texas.  The lights were half on, there was no one around.  The Kid pulls up to the pump, I circle around looking for any of the infected. It looked clear so I park at an angle in front. I asked Seth to take up watch. He grabbed a Mossberg and took up position. I walked back to Robbie and the Excursion. He got out while Andy popped up through the sunroof with another shotgun. I swiped he card for The Kid and he tried to pump the gas but some bonehead had tripped the emergency cut-off. I tried to reset it, but it didn’t work. The Kid told me that the pump was reading “Emergency Cut-Off tripped. Please See Attendant to Reset”.

I told the kid to come with me and told Scream to take the pump. I grabbed one of the shotguns and told Andy to cover the girl and yelled at Seth to cover everyone. The Kid and I headed to the mini-mart. I kept the shotgun up and was very careful. I noticed the windows were broken out and there was a body just inside the poorly lit store. I told the Kid to stay behind me and keep an eye on our flanks. When we got to the door, I asked him to prop it open with a landscaping stone that was close by. I didn’t want to have to deal with a door if things went south.

We went in and looked at the body which, it turns out, had three obvious gunshot wounds in the stomach. He had, until recently, been an employee of the station. I crossed over to the counter on the left. I looked over and saw that it was clear. I told him to go figure out the switch, which he did, then he set the pump up for Scream to pump gas. She started pumping. I got an idea and asked The Kid to see if there were any cigarettes. I don’t smoke, not anymore, but I figured if this thing goes on for more than two weeks, smokes will be golden. He looked up at the overhead rack, someone had cleaned it out.

I was looking around the store for other useful items. The beer cooler was empty, sodas were gone, chips and candy had been raided. I spied some jerky so I went over to it to load it up when Robbie said he found some smokes. All in all there were about 40 cartons of various brand names. He loaded up some bags and I grabbed all the food I could when from the back some dude came running at The Kid. He started swinging away. He hit it a couple times to make it stagger back, the third time he hit it, the thing fell down, half his head caved in but he still tried to get up. I yelled at Robbie to get back, I fired a shell at its head and that was that.

We started to egress the store when another person came shuffling out of the back. This was a Frito-Lay delivery man. He was holding his neck which was bleeding. He talked so we figured he was ok. Robbie didn’t want to get anywhere near him. I told him to get some medical supplies and toss them to the poor guy. The guy begged for help and Robbie told him he would be better off killing himself. The guy seemed to take offense to that, but I had to agree with Robbie. I kept the shotgun on him as we backed out of the store, Robbie watching out exit. We got back to the trucks just in time for Tux to tell us that there are a couple of infected coming up from behind us. We got in and started out. The Excursion had a couple more climb on it. Andy took care of them.

I got up on the freeway, and dodged a few cars. We were hauling ass south when we got to the Airport off ramp, we noticed a mob at the turn onto the airport grounds. There were a couple of APCs and a ton of cops blocking off the airport. It looked like it could get ugly quick. We didn’t need to turn so we continued south. About two miles to 610 we see a barricade. We slowed down but sliding to a stop. There was a massive pile up, but one side looked like we could get by. A semi skidded behind us and blocked the road. We were about to use the winch to pull a small car out when we saw about 10 of them come after us.

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