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Miss Ellie, Why I bought her.

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I bought Miss Ellie because I saw her and fell in love. She was this old rusting bucket that was named Pacific Hunter. I found out she was built as a cutter in 1927 and looked her up. She has a long career lasting into the 60s. Someone bought her used her to fish for a while, then sold her. Her last owner started her conversion to a yacht. He ran out of money and I had some to spare. I picked her up for a fraction of her value and have spent years restoring her.

I didn’t convert her to be green or anything. I just wanted a self sufficient system that could take me around the world where my only cost would be port fees and food. As it turns out I had a few connections that helped me get the technology and I love doing the work myself. It is my passion.

I named her Miss Ellie because I wanted to honor both her Coast Guard heritage and to Honor Texas. Her name in Coast Guard Service was Ewing after a Sectary of the Treasury. Ewing was the family name on Dallas… so Miss Ellie, the mother…that seemed the perfect name.