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Chaos Day plus one. (CD+1)

November 4th, 2009

By Joe Miller

Wild, dark times are rumbling toward us, and the prophet who wishes to write a new apocalypse will have to invent entirely new beasts, and beasts so terrible that the ancient animal symbols of St. John will seem like cooing doves and cupids in comparison.

HEINRICH HEINE, “Lutetia; or, Paris,” Augsberg Gazette, 1842

It was midnight. Rikki had made some sandwiches for everyone and more importantly, coffee. I was in the bridge with Robbie. Eddie and Gareth went below to their cabins to get some rest and would take the 04-08 watch. We were making good turns, we couldn’t go to fast for fear of out running some of the smaller boats. Robbie got on the radio and commandeered the computer on the radio desk. He was making a log of all the boats and who had what supplies. Turns out most needed water. I hooked a hose up to the crane boom and passes water to all who needed it.

One of the boats had a man with a broke leg, his wife Betty came over to Miss Ellie with him. Turns out she is a nurse We also took on a few more wounded, one with a bite. We locked his ass up too, but in the other cell. Anyway Robbie, it turns out is good with computers. He was keeping a decent log of what was going on. I started thinking about what to do. Corpus Sounded nice and we didn’t hear of any problems going on down there. I had Robbie keep an ear on the radio for info. That AM Shore to Shore show had a lot of info on what was going on, but who can trust them?

Around One Rikki came up. we started talking and I let her take the well for a few minutes while I got my pipe out. I offered one to Robbie. She seemed interested in learning how to helm the boat.  I swear that girl was almost flirting with Robbie the whole time.  I pulled the charts out to check the approaches to Freeport. I had never brought Miss Ellie up there, so I wanted to be ready. Robbie started writing something and switched audio to the speaker. One of the boats in our group was radioing that they had one of their injured pass out, had a fever and was bruised. I felt I was as pale as Rikki looked upon hearing that.

I called them and told them that it likely meant that the person was about to become one of them, they they should kill it or throw it over. They refused. I had Robbie get in contact with each boat to find out the status of the wounded.

Turns out we have 15 with bites or fevers. I proposed that we isolate them all in one of the larger boats, but was over ridden by everyone but Robbie because if any of them are not infected we would be condemning them to become infected. As the kid said, “Sucks to be them”.

It turns out it didn’t matter, most of their friends and family wouldn’t leave them. While we were arguing about this and approaching Freeport, we noticed it was burning and we called to get a SITREP. Freeport was being over run. They said to go to Corpus. The National Guard didn’t get there in time so they were pushing the containment line back again, to be able to establish a defensive line.

The smaller boats wouldn’t have enough fuel to get to Corpus. I called a meeting and had everyone but Seth and Roy, the guy with the broken leg, come up to the bridge. While waiting for everyone I called an old friend on the radio. One that Eddie wouldn’t be happy to see. Last time they saw each other she ha stabbed him.  Twice.  I couldn’t see a way around it. Angelina was co-owner of a marina in Palacios, Texas. She would have fuel and more importantly food. We arranged for us to come in. She said things there were bad, but they had a good position and were holding them off but it was only a matter of time. She asked if she could join up with us. I told her sure we had some room aboard.

I heard laughing on the other end.  “Lisa J is in the water and ready to get underway” she said. It was my turn to laugh. To call MV Lisa J a derelict rust bucket would be kind to her and an insult to derelict rust buckets everywhere. However, Angelina said she was seaworthy. If I knew her brothers she would at least be sound mechanically, if not patched up with a lot of imagination and liberated parts. We replotted the course and came about.

The crew came up and as we were starting our meeting the radio, the FM came to life with the emergency alert noise. It was followed by the words “Please stand by for a message from the President of the United States”. We stood by. Rikki got some drinks for us and we waited.

The radio came on and some lady claiming to be president said that there was “…some sort of terrorist attack which appears to be related to the chaos that is transpiring along the Gulf Coast”  President Pelosi said she had officially been duly sworn in by Chief Justice Sotomayor and that she was declaring martial law.  Most areas 200 miles in from the coast would be a quarantined zone.   Safe houses were to be set up for survivors to collect and await the government to come rescue them.  They also told us that they incidents appear to be only along the gulf coast and that they are taking steps to limit the spread.    All citizens were ordered to shelter in place, lock all barricade all doors and windows.

I felt it was all bullshit.  If it was isolated along the coast, why was there a “terrorist incident” in the white house that left the speaker president and what happened to Joe?  Again I got the feeling that this was a pivotal moment in human history. I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to sit and wait for the Government to come to my aid, to rescue me.  I had an idea that was forming, but I needed to look some stuff up.

We talked, all the people in the crowed bridge.   I asked everyone if they wanted to stay with me or get off at Corpus.  If they stayed they would have to accept my authority as captain and that every one would have a primary and secondary job as well as having to learn how to defend themselves.

I called the boats and told them what was going on that we would have to consolidate. We couldn’t keep the smaller boats and the possible infected had to go. I offered to allow other boats stay with us or they could take their chances in Freeport. If they were going to stay with us, they would have to follow our lead. I know it was asking a lot of strangers, but something was seriously wrong here.

Not counting Angelina her boat and the people she was bringing, we had 9 boats and about 100 people decide to join with us to make the trek to Corpus. we spent a few hours transferring people and gear around. During the process we picked up  a few more passengers, Stu Barton (A med student at UTMB), his roommate Evan.  Since we had lost some time we had to make out best speed to meet up at Flores Marina on time.

Chaos Day – Part 5

November 3rd, 2009

by Joe Miller

We pulled up to this big ass pile up. the entire freeway was blocked and there are a bunch of the infected hanging around. This pile up was at the peak of an over pass and there were the concrete walls on each side. Well Robbie hit the brakes hard and the tires squealed which attracted the zombies. They turned and came at us so I tell Robbie to back up, and I throw my truck in reverse. Just as a tanker truck comes up and sees us, the driver hits his breaks and turns, flipping his rig and rupturing the tank. sparks, fumes, fuel… you get the idea. so we cant go back.

Seth Grabbed a rifle and starts picking off the things one at a time. Tux gets out and I tell him to grab the hook off the winch on my bumper. He looks at me and said “Are you shitting me?” I pointed to the crumpled up Honda next to the center wall he nods. I was thinking that if we can hook it up and pull it back we might be able to scoot through. Andy and I move up, with Seth covering while Scream is holding off the ones coming up to investigate the fire and screams from behind us.

I pop off a few rounds and one of them staggers back. I have to remember that you gotta get a head shot. Seth seemed to forget it too, but he hit one in the knee and that .30-06 seemed to take the whole leg off. the thing fell but kept crawling forward after it tried to get up a few times. He put it out of our misery. and I put one down that was almost on Andy. I didn’t have time to go for the head shot, I let half my mag go at its center mass which carried it over backwards. Seth, again, took it out.

About that time Tux got to what was left of a blue Accord and hooked up the two cable. I put some tension on it and started to pull it out, but it spun just enough for it to catch the bumper of an old ford minivan. Tux had me pull forward and he went to work on the bumper with the back of his axehead. He swung that puppy pretty damn hard and in no time we had the room to pull the Accord out.

Every one got back in and we darted through the gap, Once through there were a ton more on the other side. I jumped when I heard the sounds of metal on metal. I looked in the rear view and saw Robbie forcing the Excursion through the almost big enough gap. Andy hopped in with the Kid and Scream. We hit the gas, and flew down the loop to the ship channel. When we crested the ramp, we saw down town. several of the sky scrapers were on fire, hell there were fires everywhere. it was one big riot.

We didn’t stop to sight see, we got to the channel and took the exit. I drove right through the chain link fence gate, which wasn’t as much fun as it looks on TV. I’m sure I messed up the front of my truck and I know it broke the headlights in the passenger side. We rounded the corner and tore down between a couple large metal warehouses. I got on the radio and told ET to pull up to the pier. As we got to the end of the row and turned left we had to hit the brakes hard. there was a police car, light and siren on not 30 yard ahead. There were about 30 of the things standing there ripping something (someone) apart. They saw us and started to approach.

I would have backed up, but that was the only way to get to the pier. I wasn’t sure what to do when we heard a helo, one of those Magnum PI types, but it had some mini guns and it opened up on the mob and ripped them to shreds. What the mini-guns didn’t get the rockets did. I was stunned I didn’t even see or hear it before it popped up over the warehouse. Eddie called to the pilot over the radio and thanked him. Robbie got on his and said “Yeah, no shit. Thanks” I couldn’t have said it better. The Helo waged and darted off.

We drove through the goo and muck and down to the pier. Eddie didn’t tie up, he was just using the engines to hold Miss Ellie against the pilings. I backed up and got the back tires just to the edge, the tail gate and bed overhung. The kid tried to do the same and ended up with the wheels over the edge. I told him and scream to start pushing all the stuff over onto the fantail. Seth fired a shot so I spun around and looked.

Another wave of them started headed down the pier. He grabbed a shotgun, Andy was right behind them I followed. We got to the gate as several were pushing through. I Body slammed the gate and knocked several back. Andy and Seth took on the ones that got through. I got the gate locked just about the time they pushed over a section of the fence. We started backing up, a few got through, we fired, more spilled. We fired. still more came through. We were trying to buy time to unload. I didn’t know how much we were going to loose if we left, but I didn’t want to find out. I fired till the shotgun was empty, Seth ran out and pulled his sword thing. Andy was back to his axe, I was behind then reloading. I saw two jump on Seth.

I couldn’t fire for fear of hitting Seth. Andy was busy but ok. he had backed up to a container and was able to keep the ones on him at bay. I ran over and tackled one of of the boy. The other one grabbed Seth by the neck. I was busy holding the other one down with my shotgun across it’s neck. I wanted that things mouth nowhere near me. Anyway Seth made a gurgling noise I looked over just in time to see half the zombie’s head turn in to a pink mist. I didn’t even hear the shot. Seth got up and grabbed his sword and stuck it through the eye of the thing I was holding down.

Seth covered me while I reloaded, we went to help Andy but we heard two more shots and two fell, he got the third, I had Andy reload the other shotgun while I covered. We walked backwards to Miss Ellie and hopped on board. It was then we noticed the two bites on Seth’s arms.

Given what we knew of these things I took him to the brig and locked his ass up. I thanked Gareth for providing the cover and saving our lives. He told me I’d have to pay him later. I told eddie to head out to Galveston bay, to follow the channel but to be careful of small craft.

We then sat down, had some water and a smoke. It was the first time since that afternoon that I could relax. I was drained. I mean I felt the adrenaline just flow out of me and I realized how old I felt. I looked around and started thinking. I had Eddie Torres, my friend and engineer, Gareth Swanson, a friend since childhood and sometimes business partner. Me. Bert’s kid Seth, some kid from my rehab group and a girl scout I had never seen before on my boat. I don’t know how, but i realized I was responsible for them now.

I got everyone but Eddie and Seth together and asked them to help stow all the supplies. As we were loading the lazarette we looked up and saw tons of boats pulling out of the marinas. mostly smaller fishing and runabouts, but a few yachts. It sunk in how bad this was. We had been listening to the radio before they went off the air. I don’t care what the government was saying, this wasn’t minor, this was something that was changing our lives forever, this was going to be long term.

Eddie called me to the bridge. I ran up there and came in. The Coast Guard was calling out to all boat traffic, telling them to stay away from the Island, that is was just about over run. I got on one of the radios just about after 9:00 pm and got a hold of one of the senior chiefs I knew to see what was going on.

Eric told me the island was over run, that they were safe there at the station, but they were out of room. A bunch of boats were milling bout at he mouth of the bay not sure what to do. Sr. Chief Green asked me if we could Shepard them down to Freeport. He said the National Guard was establishing an evacuation point and they would take the little boats and their refugees. He also warned me to be careful and to not let my boat get commandeered. He issued instruction out to all small craft and I had Eddie and Gareth Light up the boat. we had 27 boats form up on us. in the following two hours. At midnight we set off for Freeport.

Chaos Day – Part 4

April 24th, 2009

by Joe Miller

We pull into this Shell station in Humble, Texas.  The lights were half on, there was no one around.  The Kid pulls up to the pump, I circle around looking for any of the infected. It looked clear so I park at an angle in front. I asked Seth to take up watch. He grabbed a Mossberg and took up position. I walked back to Robbie and the Excursion. He got out while Andy popped up through the sunroof with another shotgun. I swiped he card for The Kid and he tried to pump the gas but some bonehead had tripped the emergency cut-off. I tried to reset it, but it didn’t work. The Kid told me that the pump was reading “Emergency Cut-Off tripped. Please See Attendant to Reset”.

I told the kid to come with me and told Scream to take the pump. I grabbed one of the shotguns and told Andy to cover the girl and yelled at Seth to cover everyone. The Kid and I headed to the mini-mart. I kept the shotgun up and was very careful. I noticed the windows were broken out and there was a body just inside the poorly lit store. I told the Kid to stay behind me and keep an eye on our flanks. When we got to the door, I asked him to prop it open with a landscaping stone that was close by. I didn’t want to have to deal with a door if things went south.

We went in and looked at the body which, it turns out, had three obvious gunshot wounds in the stomach. He had, until recently, been an employee of the station. I crossed over to the counter on the left. I looked over and saw that it was clear. I told him to go figure out the switch, which he did, then he set the pump up for Scream to pump gas. She started pumping. I got an idea and asked The Kid to see if there were any cigarettes. I don’t smoke, not anymore, but I figured if this thing goes on for more than two weeks, smokes will be golden. He looked up at the overhead rack, someone had cleaned it out.

I was looking around the store for other useful items. The beer cooler was empty, sodas were gone, chips and candy had been raided. I spied some jerky so I went over to it to load it up when Robbie said he found some smokes. All in all there were about 40 cartons of various brand names. He loaded up some bags and I grabbed all the food I could when from the back some dude came running at The Kid. He started swinging away. He hit it a couple times to make it stagger back, the third time he hit it, the thing fell down, half his head caved in but he still tried to get up. I yelled at Robbie to get back, I fired a shell at its head and that was that.

We started to egress the store when another person came shuffling out of the back. This was a Frito-Lay delivery man. He was holding his neck which was bleeding. He talked so we figured he was ok. Robbie didn’t want to get anywhere near him. I told him to get some medical supplies and toss them to the poor guy. The guy begged for help and Robbie told him he would be better off killing himself. The guy seemed to take offense to that, but I had to agree with Robbie. I kept the shotgun on him as we backed out of the store, Robbie watching out exit. We got back to the trucks just in time for Tux to tell us that there are a couple of infected coming up from behind us. We got in and started out. The Excursion had a couple more climb on it. Andy took care of them.

I got up on the freeway, and dodged a few cars. We were hauling ass south when we got to the Airport off ramp, we noticed a mob at the turn onto the airport grounds. There were a couple of APCs and a ton of cops blocking off the airport. It looked like it could get ugly quick. We didn’t need to turn so we continued south. About two miles to 610 we see a barricade. We slowed down but sliding to a stop. There was a massive pile up, but one side looked like we could get by. A semi skidded behind us and blocked the road. We were about to use the winch to pull a small car out when we saw about 10 of them come after us.

Miss Ellie, Why I bought her.

April 17th, 2009

I bought Miss Ellie because I saw her and fell in love. She was this old rusting bucket that was named Pacific Hunter. I found out she was built as a cutter in 1927 and looked her up. She has a long career lasting into the 60s. Someone bought her used her to fish for a while, then sold her. Her last owner started her conversion to a yacht. He ran out of money and I had some to spare. I picked her up for a fraction of her value and have spent years restoring her.

I didn’t convert her to be green or anything. I just wanted a self sufficient system that could take me around the world where my only cost would be port fees and food. As it turns out I had a few connections that helped me get the technology and I love doing the work myself. It is my passion.

I named her Miss Ellie because I wanted to honor both her Coast Guard heritage and to Honor Texas. Her name in Coast Guard Service was Ewing after a Sectary of the Treasury. Ewing was the family name on Dallas… so Miss Ellie, the mother…that seemed the perfect name.

Chaos Day – Part Three

April 6th, 2009

The little girl, Rikki (aka Scream), was messing with the TV. She got a newscast from Fox 26. They were saying that Governor P had declared martial law to try and quell the rioting. The said that everyone had till 8 PM to get home and barricade themselves in. Anyone out after that would be shot on sight by the police or the National Guard, which Pretty Perry was ordering in. That gave us less than an hour and forty-five minutes to get to safety. We couldn’t stay at Buck’s because the fire was rapidly headed this way. I had planned on taking the trails to the lake and following the river down but that would take way too much time. We would have to make a speed run. With all the stuff I was busy collecting we were going to need another vehicle.

I must have said something out loud because The Kid volunteered to go “acquire one”. He asked for a couple of tools and took off. I told Tuxedo to go with him, but I guess he didn’t hear me. I was in the workshop at this time and started grabbing anything I thought might be useful during the next few weeks. Tux sharpened his axe head and helped himself to one of Buck’s chainsaws. Seth was busy opening the radios and getting them all on the same frequency.

I fired up Buck’s HAM radio and called ET. It took him a few minutes to answer, but he did answer. He was OK, Miss Ellie was OK too. He told me Gereth was there with him. I told Eddie to get under way and head North up the ship channel and maintain station off of pier 23. And I told them not to let any other boats near Miss Ellie. I was figuring a speed rundown I-59 to 610 and hit the ship channel. I was thinking maybe taking 1960 across Lake Houston to 1233 down to the Lynchburg Ferry, but that would put us in a hell of a bottle neck and I don’t know if we could tie up to load our loot.

I got that all worked out with ET and Gereth so I started packing all I could think of. About that time the girl came into the shed and handed Tuxedo and I each a two-way radio. She went off to give The Kid one. A few minutes later we heard her screaming. Again.

Tux and I raced out of the shed and cut up to the front yard. We saw The Kid and Screamer high tailing it into the front of Buck’s house, chased by three of the infected. Tux pulled out a Glock and fired several rounds at the one that was banging on the dining room window glass. I fired at the closest one while Tux took on the other. After a few rounds from both our pistols they both went down. We called out that we were coming in. Seth Had one of the shotguns at the ready.

The fire was getting closer, so we decided to get the hell out of there. Seth and I would take my truck with Seth taking shotgun (a Mossberg), and The Kid would drive the newly acquired Excursion while Tuxedo took shotgun and Scream would be in the back with the gear. We loaded up everything we could fit and that we thought would be useful. With that out of control fire headed this way, I didn’t think the house would stand anyway.

We had to follow a ditch then ford it to get out of the subdivision. We crossed back over and got onto Cypresswood. We had to dodge and swerve a few wrecks. At one point I saw an Infected hanging on to the Excursion, Tux stood up in the sunroof and took care of it with a road flare and a machete. Quite creative thinking, if you ask me. When we got to Treshwig, I was thinking about headed down to Carter’s Country to see what we could find, but The Kid pointed out that if the staff were still alive, they wouldn’t be too receptive of guests. I had to agree.

We got onto 1960 and made a speed run to Humble. I heard the others (via the radio) talking about how weird it was to be near the airport and not see or hear planes. I guess I didn’t spend enough time on that part of town for me to notice the difference. We were just about in Humble when The Kid calls up and tells me that the car he stole was low on gas. Great. Just Frakking Great.

Chaos Day – Part Two

April 1st, 2009

by Joe Miller

Well, it wasn’t all that good. But let me start where I left off. We decided to head to my Brother Buck’s house. On the way there was a school bus crash and it was being swarmed. There were wrecks all over the place. A gas station cooked off like it was in the middle of Baghdad or something. I was swerving left and right, Robbie looked kinda pale and Seth was hanging on for dear life. A couple of the things came up and tried to climb on at the points where I had to slow down. Seth took care of most of them, but the kid was pretty good with Sue Ellen’s tire iron. We dodged a few more wrecks and bingo we were on I-45 north. I was about to hit the 2920/Spring-Cypress exit when I saw a semi over turned at the exit. I had the Sue Ellen in 4×4 so I eased her down the embankment at the Cypresswood Drive overpass and on to the feeder.

Seth asked (through the pass through window) about how much ammo I had. I thought about it and told him we could pick some up at Wal-Mart. I pulled into the parking lot, the one at Louetta and 45, and there we saw a mob at the front doors. It was open, but there was a riot going on. I told the kids to hang on and I drove to the back, to the automotive bay. It’s right near sporting goods and we could avoid the panic at the main doors. I pulled in nearly hitting a Malibu in the bay, but managed to avoid it.

We got out carefully looking around. I locked Sue Ellen up. Last thing I wanted to do is come out and not have my car. Anyway we went in the door and saw the greeter…on the floor, being chewed on by several cannibals. He wasn’t moving and they didn’t seem to see us s o we let them be. We quietly got inside and saw a tall guy in a tuxedo swinging a nice 9 iron at a group of girl scouts who were, like all the others, covered in blood and pale as death. They had him surrounded. He hit one and the others would charge. He was holding them off for now. I lined up and shot one in the head, Seth went to town with that stick thing he had, the Kid grabbed a bat from the shelf and made like Jose Cruz on one of the girls while Tuxedo was free to deal with one and drove the nine iron into the poor little girls head. I briefly wondered if there is a penalty for using an iron in a drivers place.

After a brief introduction I decided that there would be safety in numbers, to a point, so I asked him if he wanted to come with us, he said yes. We set about collecting some supplies. After hearing on the radio on the way over that we should shelter in place and that it would take several weeks we decided to get loaded up. I sent Robbie to collect a few shopping carts while Seth and I got the keys to the Ammo cabinet and gun locker. I grabbed a few shotguns and rifles, Seth was getting batteries and some walkie-talkies. Robbie came back with the carts and we started loading up. We got all the ammo for the firearms I had picked up, some .40 for my pistol. We also got some camping gear, some food, drinks, seeds (the new guy insisted and we had to scoot around a fight anyway).

As moved along the back over to the food section I got jumped by a former lay-a-way worker who was crazed. She knocked me down and was wailing on me. I didn’t think that a little old lady could hit that hard. I was sure I felt her arm break on one hit to my head. About the time I was freaking out, the kid swung his bat at the right side of her head as Seth kicked the left. I didn’t see it but it was described to me as if her head popped like a balloon. All I know is I was covered in gore. I liked to puke all over the shoe department. I staggered over an isle or two and there I saw some liquids on the shelf. I opened several of them up and rinsed off. It was pedia-lite. I was sticky the rest of the day.

Our new friend, Andy, he turned out to be a Logger from Oregon, picked up a couple double headed axes from hardware and some whetstones. He was damn good with it and was able to put a couple of the creeps down with ease. I stopped at the sporting goods register and I rang up five thousand and swiped my Discover card. Hell if this all blows over I will have a shit-load of Sky-Miles. On our way out he broke the window of a sweet Vette in the service bay, and pulled out his pistol. I was liking this guy more and more. We loaded up Sue Ellen and I backed her out. Seth was screaming at me to go faster, but I wasn’t about to wreck and get stuck. We drove out to Louetta behind the complex. It was refreshingly deserted.

I got to the main road and saw the back gates to Splashtown burst open. Out poured a bunch of the rioters, I turned right and floored it. We got to the light at Aldine Westfield and I took the turn a little too fast, the back of the truck, even with all the crap we loaded in was still light. Seth and Andy shouted at me to be more careful. I hooked a left onto Cypresswood and gunned Sue Ellen down the four lane wooded road. I noticed a butt load of smoke and when we rounded the first curve we saw the source. Twin Creeks Middle was fully engulfed. There were no fire trucks in sight. There were also several houses across the street on fire.

I got to Bradbury Forest and turned on it, ignoring the light. I had to jump on the breaks almost I as soon as I pulled through the turn. There was a bike in the street and several of the rioters were eating, I know, it’s gross but that is what it was. They were literally eating some little girl, I mean chewing and swallowing the whole nine yards. Anyway, there was another kid on her bike riding away. The rioters were busy with dead one this other kid was flying away, I thought that bike was going to take flight. She slowed, stopped and looked back at the other girl. You can tell she was scared and crying.

While she was looking back several adults, that had this virus crap, were moving in on her. I jumped on the gas and hit the closest one. I hopped out and kicked the closest one to the girl, well kicked at that one. It grabbed my foot. I grinned, feeling all cocky, I raised my Berretta. I squeezed the trigger and nothing happened. I was out. Damn it. Robbie opened the door the girl jumped in and was screaming something in a high pitch squeal that pierced my ears. I fell back and Robbie took off. By falling back I managed to get out of the guys grasp. I rolled over and looked at the truck, thinking about how I was going to kill that kid. Three more were moving up on me. Sue Ellen swung around and headed bac at me like a bullet. Two rifle blasts fired over the cab and two of the rioters went down, the two closest to me. As I watched, all I could think was, I love that boy.

The Kid did another skidding boot-legers turn and stopped with the passenger door facing me. It flew open and I dove in. I landed on the girl, the beer and The Kid. Even before I landed The Kid was punching it. I heard the door slam shut. I told Robbie where to go…not there…but how to get to my brother, Buck’s house.

We got there and I popped the code into the garage door’s key pad. Both Buck’s truck and Cindy’s car was gone. I got a Miller out of the fridge and popped it open. I told everyone to grab something cold. The Lumberjack pointed out the fire was spreading and headed this way, and the wind was driving it. I called Buck’s cell and got the three tone. I hung up and spotted Cindy’s phone on the kitchen counter, right next to her Marlboro 100 lights, as always. I…I …I picked it up and used the direct connection Walkie-talkie feature. I got Buck. He was relieved to hear from me. He said that I needed to get the hell out of the state, he said “Alas Babylon” like in the book. I knew what that meant. He said they got Cindy that the fuckers got her and… then there were gun shots and I heard him scream. Then the phone dropped. Not dropped like the call dropped but like the phone hitting the pavement. The next thing we heard, I say we because I had it on speaker, the next thing we heard was…was… the sounds of the zombies….yes I said zombies…eating, ripping flesh and making that moaning-growling sound. I lost it. I threw the phone at the fire place. It shattered. I scared the hell out of that little girl. I reached under the counter to the right of the sink where Buck kept the booze. I grabed the Canadian Hunter and poured a triple. I took it straight and fast. I then offered the bottle to all present. No one took me up on it. I guess when your facing real shit you find out who your friends are.

I handed the bottle to Seth and went to the bed room, to Buck’s huge walk in closet, to where the gun safe is. I opened it and cleaned it out. Seth, the Kid and Paul Bunyan came to help. We got all Buck’s firearms as well as the family collection. We then went to the living room. Paul looked at the window and announced we had about 20 minutes before the fire reached here. I told them of my plan. We had about an hour till curfew but Miss Ellie was over 40 miles away. I said we could use the 4 wheel muddin’ trails to get to the creek, follow it to Lake Houston and follow the San Jacinto river to the bay where Miss Ellie was waiting. They asked if the truck would make it. I said I am sure it could, it would be tight, but with one of Buck’s 4 wheelers in front and one behind we could. We hooked it all up, cleaned out his work shop and got ready to set out.

Happy Zombie Day!

March 26th, 2009

by Robbie Hunter

Z Day started off as a typical Saturday for me: pissed off at everyone and everything. I was pissed off because I was trapped indoors with a bunch of pathetic whiners. Not all of them were whining, though. Some were just sitting there quietly, though one guy was looking murderously at the fat bastard who swiped the last donut. St. Rotundus, patron saint of lardasses, needed a few more salads and a few less donuts, if you ask my opinion.

The court-appointed quack didn’t bother to show up for today’s whinefest. It was good in that I didn’t have to listen to this sanctimonious, condescending ass try to lecture us on how we’re powerless and we need a Higher Power™ to govern our lives. I mean, hell, I get enough of that at school. It was bad in that I was wasting my time at the counseling center when I could have been doing something productive, like World of Warcraft or Left 4 Dead.

To make matters worse, the corporate-whore-media-shill on the tube was going on about riots breaking out at the medical center.

Being the kind, sensitive, and patient soul that I am, I informed the wage-slave office drone, who looked like she was a reject from the latest Romero flick, that I was getting the hell out of there. She made me sign a few papers, but I stood away from her; I didn’t want to catch whatever bug it was that she had.

The guy who was all butt-hurt about missing out on the last donut offered to give me a ride home. I admit to being just a little creeped out by it, but given the reports of the riots going on around the area, I decided that it was best if I accepted his offer. He said his name was Joe.

That is when the not-so-proverbial shit hit the fan.

We were walking to Joe’s truck when he stopped to talk to a friend of his. Meanwhile, a couple of esteemed representatives of the Houston Pig Department ran into the ER and start popping off caps like crazy.

Oinker #1 made a hasty and unscheduled departure from the ER via the front window, followed by some blood-spattered nurse who started nibbling on the Oinker like he was the last pork chop on the plate. Yeah, and I thought I was creeped out before….

Joe pulled out a gun and started shooting at the nurse who was chowing down on the cop, but she didn’t seem reall phased by this. I mentioned that he should shoot her in the head, which he did. That seemed to take the fight out of her – permanently.

Anyway, things started happening really fast, but don’t ask for details. I was too busy trying not to piss myself to pay too much attention. So now Joe was trying to drive me and his friend Seth to his brother’s place where we can stock up on guns and ammo, but that’s a story for another time.

Chaos Day – Part One

March 19th, 2009

by Joe Miller

Chaos Day started like any other for me.  Like most Saturdays I was nursing a hangover and thinking about what I needed to get at the Home Improvement Depot.  The only thing was I had this court ordered substance abuse group that I had to go to for a DUI I caught on the way home from the deer lease.  I hated the classes and resented going, but hey, the coffee was ok and the donuts were good.
Anyway, I’m sitting there waiting for the good doctor to show up.  He was way late and the new on TV was about rioting at the medical center.  That caught my attention as I was at a medical center.  Turns out I was not at THE medical center, but a medical center.   A lot of people had been coming down with some serious bug after the hurricane.  Some folks were calling it Ike’s Disease.  It hits fast, you get one hell of a cough, then a bad fever.  You bruise easy which is THE sign. Most of the people that get Ike’s bad enough that the bruising sets in, well most of them don’t make it. 

While we are waiting on the Dr. one punk kid in the group, Robbie something or other, he starts bitching at the receptionist who is clearly swamped, she said half the staff was out and the Doctor wasn’t back from lunch yet.  She was coughing and sneezing and looked like hell.   

So after a half hour or so we are all angry.  The kid for being there on a Saturday, others cause the Doc aint in yet and me cause some fat ass took the last of the Krispy Kreams and the coffee is going cold.  I got things to do.  I need to pick up a load of knotty pine for one of the cabins I’m redoing.  The kid tells the lady he is leaving. I ask her to make sure that the state knows we showed up but the good doctor didn’t.  I can’t lose my license, you see.  So she says yes sign here, and here and here and all that crap.

We left the clinic and saw a fight over by the door and a bunch of rent-a-cops headed that way. I offered to drive Robbie home so he wouldn’t have to wait on a bus.  This far north of the city, it would have taken a while.  While we were getting in I saw someone across the street I knew.  I called out to Seth and he came over.  He was in his work clothes, the martial arts stuff he teaches.  He said he was teaching class and one of his students passed out so he brought them to the ER (which is across the street from the clinic) because there were no ambulances available.  Aint that some shit?
While we were talking a couple HPD cruisers pulled up and several cops ran inside. A few seconds later there was gun fire and one of the cops was thrown out the window.  Some chick, covered in blood jumped out after him She jumped on him, he went to push her off and she bit him, taking out a huge chunk of his arm.  I have never seen that much blood come out of a person.  I ran over to help, not sure how, she saw me and charged.  Seth hit her with one of his sticks, but she acted like she didn’t feel it.  I pulled out my pistol and fired two shots into her chest. I know I hit her, she jerked back but didn’t go down, I fired two more, she fell down after that.  But the bitch got back up.  At this time another one, this one wearing a doctors lab coat came out, again covered in blood, she went after Seth, he hit her with his stick and I think cracked her damn skull, it was a hard hit.

Meanwhile that bitch was getting up again and the kid yells “Like the move, shoot her in the f-ing head”  so I did, she stayed down after that.   I tell the kids to get in the truck and we gotta decide what to do, there is like a full riot going on around us and the radio is telling us to get home. Great I live on my boat, Miss Ellie, and she is over 40 miles away.  But it’s all good my brother lives here in Spring.  I decide we just go to his place and chill there.  I got the alarm code, and I know the combo to the gun safe.  Its all good.


January 14th, 2009

My son and I are working on a zombie RPG setting. Not sure exactly which system we are going to use yet, but looks like either d20 Modern, GURPS or a Home Brew.

Nate is going to blog on the development of the setting. I’ll post a link as soon as he gives me the name of his new blog. 😉

New year, New Blog

January 13th, 2009

A new year a new website, a new blog. Hopefully soon a new job for the Mrs.